May 30: Homeward Bound

We are up early today for our return charter flight to the US. We need to either spend or exchange our CUCs (Cuban Convertible Pesos) at the airport for a significant, and intentional loss of value. As we have purchased our allotted $200.00 for tobacco and alcohol, we have enough left to leave something for the housekeeping person.

As we have registered for Global Entry, our transition to the US is effortless. We claim our bags and log into Customs on a kiosk, then walk to the exit and present our kiosk generated Customs certificate to the officer who bids us a “Welcome home.” and we head for our connecting flight to PHL.

All in all, it was a trip well managed by Tauck, and very informative. I was left with an impression that the Cuban people are like all people around the globe: accessible, inventive, resourceful. This was a good experience.


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